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28 Oct 2014 IHCA 2014 AGM
15 Oct 2014 UK National Championship at Frensham Pond Sailing Club - GBR
5 Sep 2014 2015 European Hansa Class Championships - GBR
20 Aug 2014 Fitzgibbon & Tesch win SKUD 18s at the IFDS Worlds - CAN
18 Aug 2014 Rickham & Birrell win SKUD18 North American Championship - CAN
29 Jul 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup - SKUD 18s and Liberties in Melbourne - AUS
29 Jul 2014 Sail Sydney NOR and online entry now available - AUS
22 May 2013 New Name for International Class Association


David Staley, Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the International Hansa Class Association was held via email exchange between October 10 and October 24.

All thirteen National Hansa Class Associations (NHCAs) participated.

After a round of nominations for the election process, all committee positions were uncontested and nominees were elected unopposed. 

The 2014-15 IHCA Committee is:

IHCA President Brendan Tourelle - NZL

IHCA Vice President Rules & Measurement Bob Schahinger - AUS

IHCA Vice President Championships Bernard Porte – FRA

IHCA Vice President Development – Akko van der Veen - NED

Hansa 2.3 Representative Lindsay Burns - GBR

Hansa 303 Representative Zoltan Pegan – HUN

Liberty Representative Hanneke Deenen – NED

SKUD 18 Representative Tim Dempsey – NZL

IHCA General Committee Vera Voorbach – NED

IHCA General Committee John Figgures – GBR

IHCA General Committee Richard Smallwood – GBR

IHCA General Committee Kazuaki Kaido – JPN

IHCA Treasurer Jackie Kay - AUS

IHCA Secretary David Staley - AUS

Dates for 2015 National Championships were sought from NHCAs.  Some dates were provided but request the remaining NHCAs can advise the dates and venues for their 2015 National Championships ASAP to enable the Future Events Calendar to be updated.

The 2015 European Championships are being held from 6 - 11 July 2015 at Rutland Sailing Club, GBR, and this is shaping up as a great event.  The IHCA is seeking proposals for the 2015 North American and Asia-Pacific championships.

SKUD 18 International Championships will be included in the 2015 Regional Championships and 2016 Worlds.  SKUD fleets are also included in rounds of the ISAF Sailing World Cup and EUROSAF Champions Trophy Series.  

Two Expressions of Interest were received to host the 2016 Combined Championships – Gargnano, Italy and Medemblik, Netherlands.  While most nations indicated their preference for Medemblik, the meeting referred the decision to the new IHCA Committee.  The IHCA Committee will also review the proposed changes to the IHCA Championships Guide and implement the necessary changes. 

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UK National Championship at Frensham Pond Sailing Club - GBR

2014 UK Nationals at Frensham Pond
Photograph:Tony Machen
Jim Morley as amended by IHCA, Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Hansa Class 2014 UK National Championship were held at Frensham Pond Sailing Club from 8-9 October.

This was so very nearly the meeting that never happened. The UK Hansa class, formerly Access class, was stuck for a venue before Frensham, with long experience of successful open meetings stepped in and organised the event.

The National Championship event was open to all but on Wednesday a UK-only competition was raced for, a Travellers' Trophy event with separate prizes. In reality this became an International championships with a large contingent from France and Holland. The weather to say the least was challenging. Periods of warm sunshine were broken by torrential rain and twenty to thirty knot squalls as well as thunder and lightning strikes in the lake. As will be seen these brought some moments of high drama. Eventually only five of the seven planned races were sailed as on both days the wind strength increased and the last race of the day had to be cancelled.

The Hansa design has four variants and all competed on the two days. The challenging conditions seemed to make little difference to the leading helms and crews. The heavy gusts were the cause of several incidents. Hansas are self righting but can be subjected to knock downs. In the second race on Wednesday a disabled sailor suffered a knock down and was projected out of his boat with a leg trapped inside. By now he was in very serious danger, being head down in the water. Another competitor seeing this diverted from their course and freed the sailor and then waited for the safety boat. The rescuers were a visiting French crew from Berck near Calais, Stephane Collier and Jeremie Chauchoy. This was a well placed crew who lost ground in the race but could not claim redress because shortly afterwards they had a gear failure and retired; their sportsmanship won them the Endeavour Trophy to go with second place overall in their class.

The two person Hansa 303 class was dominated by the visitors. With five first places the runaway winners were Akko Van der Veen and Liza Elburg from Zeewolde Netherlands. The home sailors were happy to clean up the prizes for the single-handed 2.3 and the single-handed 303 Hansa. Lindsay Burns of Frensham already European champion had a hard fight with French entry Gerard Eychenne but it was Lindsay who had five straight wins.

In the single person 303, home sailors took the first three places the winner being Frensham's Monique Foster followed by James Woosnam and Kate Hedley, fourth place was Tony Barkes of Waveney SC. The single-person Liberty was dominated throughout by visitors including three competitors using full servo control. The event was taken by Ric Cassell of Rutland SC with five straight wins. The seventh and last race on Thursday had to be cancelled with squalls of up to thirty knots hitting the lake and the need for the cross Channel visitors to catch their ferry.

Special praise must go to the kitchen team who provided a fine dinner on Wednesday evening and after the Thursday winds and rain provided all with warm soup. Also the race team led by Graham Howlett braved all the conditions in the open committee boat. Thanks also to the Mayor of Farnham Councillor Jeremy Ricketts who presented the main prizes along with Frensham's commodore Keith Videlo and Sailability's Kate Richardson.

Overall Results:

Hansa 2.3 - 1st Lindsay Burns (Frensham), 2nd Gerard Eychenne (France), 3rd Pat Crowley (Rutland SC)

Hansa 303 Single Person - 1st Monique Foster (Frensham), 2nd James Woosnam (Frensham), 3rd Kate Hedley (Frensham), 

Hansa 303 Two Person - 1st Akko van der Veen and Liza Elburg (Netherlands Zeewolde), 2nd Stephane Collier and Jeremie Chauchoy (France CEV Berck), 3rd Frederic Magnier and Jean Philippe Lepetre (France CEV Berck) 

Liberty - 1st Ric Cassel (Rutland SC), 2nd David Durston (Whitefriars SC), 3rd Tom Harper (New Forest Sailability) 



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2014 UK Nationals at Frensham Pond

2014 UK Nationals at Frensham Pond

2014 UK Nationals at Frensham Pond

2015 European Hansa Class Championships - GBR

David Staley, Friday, 5 September 2014

The UK Hansa Class, in conjunction with the Rutland Sailing Club (UK) and Rutland Sailability, are organising the 2015 European Hansa Class Championships.  They are now seeking expressions of interest from sailors who may wish to compete.

The championship will be held at Rutland Sailing Club, Edith Weston, Rutland, UK.  Many of you will remember that this was  the venue for the very successful Access Class World Championships in 2010.

Downoad the Expression of Interest form below.

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Rutland Sailing Club - host to the 2010 Access Worlds

Liberties at the 2010 Access Worlds

Pre-race in the rigging area - Access 2010 Worlds

SKUD 18s add some colour to an overcast day in Rutland

Start of the Liberty practice race - Chris Cook (AUS) led start to finish

A busy Rutland Sailing Club dock ahead of the practice race

303 two-person start for the practice race

2.3s get away for the practice race on Rutland Water

Fitzgibbon & Tesch win SKUD 18s at the IFDS Worlds - CAN

David Staley, Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Australia's Dan Fitzgibbon & Liesl Tesch have won the 2014 IFDS World Championship in the SKUD 18.

Eleven races were completed for the SKUD fleet and the final result could not have been closer. Fitzgibbon & Tesch finished on equal points with Alexandra Rickham & Niki Birrell (GBR) but had 4 race wins to the Brits 3. Third overall was the Italian team of Marco Gualandris & Marta Zanetti, 7 points behind Team GBR. Canada and the USA were fourth and fifth respectively.

The regatta was characterised by inconsistent results, with all the top teams needing to drop some poor placings.

As a result of this regatta, it is anticipated that Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and the United States will have qualified for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Sailing Competition along with host nation Brazil.

For more information, see the links below....

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2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

2014 IFDS Worlds in Halifax

Rickham & Birrell win SKUD18 North American Championship - CAN

SKUD 18 North American Championship 2014
Monday, 18 August 2014

GBR's Alexandra Rickham & Niki Birrell have won the inaugural SKUD18 North American Championship in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The Brits finished the regatta with a 3 point lead over Fitzgibbon & Tesch (AUS) after the 10 race series, with McRoberts & Gay (CAN) in third place.  Congratulations to all the teams who took part in this event.


More SKUD18 competitors are arriving in Halifax ahead of the IFDS Worlds, with racing due to start on the Tuesday August 19.  This is the first nations qualifier for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Sailing Competition.




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SKUD 18 North American Championship 2014

SKUD 18 North American Championship 2014

SKUD 18 North American Championship 2014

SKUD 18 North American Championship 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - SKUD 18s and Liberties in Melbourne - AUS

SKUD 18s racing at Sail Melbourne
David Staley, Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Entries are now open for the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Melbourne.  The second regatta of the 2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup series will be run out of the world acclaimed Sandringham Yacht Club in Melbourne from the 7th to the 14th of December 2014. 

The SKUD 18 and Liberty classes will sail a five day race program.

For more information and online entry, visit the event website.

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Sail Sydney NOR and online entry now available - AUS

SKUD 18s racing on Sydney Harbour
Shauna Phillips, Tuesday, 29 July 2014



Online entry and NOR is now available for Sail Sydney. Entries must be received by 19th November.

Entry is open for the SKUD 18's who will sail between Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th December.

Currently, the Liberties are not included in the Invited Classes. In order to apply to be included, we would need to field a fleet of at least 10 boats.

If you are interested in competing in the Liberty at Sail Sydney, please email Shauna at secretaryahca@gmail.com

As there was no 2013 Sail Sydney event, it would be great to get enough Liberties on the start line for the 2014 event.

More details from the event website.  

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New Name for International Class Association

David Staley, Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The International Access Class Association is now the International Hansa Class Association.

The manufacturer of the Access 2.3, 303, Liberty and SKUD 18, Access Sailing Systems Pty Ltd, advised the International Class Association in 2012 that it would be changing its name to Hansa Sailing Systems Pty Ltd and adopting the Hansa Sailing brand internationally for its range of small keelboats and accessories.

The company aims to focus on the mainstream sailing market and promote awareness of the suitability of the boats for inclusive mainstream participation and training programs, and for widespread use by people of all abilities.

2013 was seen as an ideal opportunity for this change as the word “Access” has over the past decade become almost synonymous with disabled access whereas the company and its craft are of universal appeal and value.  Through the widespread adoption of Access Sailing’s products by Sailability and other disabled sailing organisations internationally, the Access brand has become closely associated with disability and the boats have been largely seen as “boats for the disabled” within the mainstream sailing community.

According to company principal and designer Chris Mitchell, “The boats were never designed specifically for people with a disability - they were conceived as an entry level craft for Asia where participation was low, and to provide a confidence-building feeling of safety and ease of use.”

“Based upon the boats’ inclusive “sailing for everyone” potential, I chose the name “Access” in the early 90’s for its broader meaning that seemed appropriate at the time.”

Over the years however, the “Access” branding was seen as restricting the market sectors that the boats could be successfully promoted to, and limiting the growth potential of the class.  More importantly, this was viewed as contributing to the perpetuation of segregated sport.  This is in stark contrast to the company’s aims of growing inclusive participation in sailing as a recreation and sport, and enabling people with a disability to share in mainstream sporting and social activities.

Access Sailing Systems Pty Ltd has therefore changed its trading name to Hansa Sailing Systems Pty Ltd and its primary branding to Hansa Sailing in 2013.  The “Hansa” is the well recognised swan motif that has served as the Access Class insignia since 1994.

The mythical Hansa Swan is derived from the philosophy of ancient Sanskrit.  It represents perfect union and balance – a vehicle for the harmony of wind, sea and sailor.  The flight of the Hansa also symbolizes an escape from a repetitive cycle – changing the established pattern or taking a different approach.

“These boats bearing the Hansa insignia are products of universal design and a philosophy of inclusion, aiming to make sailing more accessible and appealing”, said Mitchell.

At its 2012 Annual General Meeting, the International Access Class Association resolved to change its name to the International Hansa Class Association.

The names of three of the individual classes will also change.

The Hansa 2.3 is an ISAF Class including the 2.3 Wide and 2.3 Single (previously known as the Access 2.3), along with the new 2.3 Breeze model.

The Hansa 303 is an ISAF Class including the 303 Wide (previously known as the Access 303) and 303 Breeze.

The Liberty is an ISAF Class previously known as the Access Liberty.

The SKUD 18 is an IFDS Class.

The International Hansa Class Association website is having some new graphics to reflect the new name and documentation will be progressively updated.  It is anticipated that many of the National Class Associations will also change their names to align with the International Hansa Class Association and the new international brand for the family of Hansa classes.

International Class Association President, Brendan Tourelle, believes the name change is a step in the right direction.

“As a class association, we need to support any initiatives by the manufacturer to grow the number of boats around the world.  This seems a great opportunity to promote the four classes to people of all abilities to begin and develop in sailing”, said Tourelle.

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Hansa Sailing personnel in Nowra, March 2013