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1 Jan 2015 Hansa Class Events in Australasia - AUS / NZL
15 Dec 2014 Final day for SKUD 18s and Liberties at the ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne - AUS
24 Nov 2014 2016 Hansa Class Worlds to be held in Medemblik - NED
28 Oct 2014 IHCA 2014 AGM
5 Sep 2014 2015 European Hansa Class Championships - GBR

Hansa Class Events in Australasia - AUS / NZL

David Staley, Thursday, 1 January 2015

There are a large number of events scheduled in Australia and New Zealand over the coming southern hemisphere summer.

AUS Nationals

It is less than 100 days out from the 2015 Australian Championships being held at the Derwent Sailing Squadron in Hobart, Tasmania.  The AHCA is seeking confirmation from people who are planning to attend in order to plan the container shipping requirements. Anyone who is planning to attend should complete an Expression of Interest form by the end of January.  The form is available via this link.

Those planning on towing a trailer and crossing on the Spirit of Tasmania are urged to book their car & trailer onto the ferry ASAP to ensure passage, and get their accommodation in Hobart booked too.

AUS State Events

The South Australian Championships will take place at Adelaide Sailing Club on January 31st & February 1st. Classes sailed will be the 303 Doubles and Liberty.  Entries close Monday 26th January. The NOR and online entry is now available on the regatta page on our website, here.

The New South Wales Championships will take place at Gosford Sailing Club on February 21st & 22nd. Classes sailed will be the 2.3, 303 singles and doubles, Liberty and SKUD18. Entries close Friday 14th February and late entries will not be accepted. The NOR and online entry is now available on the regatta page, here.

The WA Championships will be held at Royal Perth Yacht Club on February 7th & 8th and entry is direct to the Yacht Club. More information on the regatta page, here.

The NOR and online entry for the Victorian Championships will be released and available on the AHCA website early in the New Year.  The event will be held at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Melbourne on March 21 & 22, two weeks before the Nationals.

For more information, visit www.ahca.yachting.org.au

NZL Events

The New Zealand Hansa Class Championships, Kiwi Cup and Kiwi Ability regattas will take place in Wellington at Lowry Bay Yacht Club from January 16th to 19th, 2015. A limited number of charter boats are available however any charter requests must be received before January 3rd. Contact for charter boats is Tim Dempsey – timdempsey@xtra.co.nz.  More details, including NOR's, entry forms and contact details are available on the regatta page on our website here.

Sail Auckland will be held at Royal Akarana Yacht Club from February 25th to March 1st.  Early entry is open until 13th February. Classes sailed will the 303 doubles, Liberty and SKUD18. More details available here.


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Final day for SKUD 18s and Liberties at the ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne - AUS

SKUD 18 Winners Podium at Sail Melbourne 2014
David Staley, Monday, 15 December 2014

SKUD 18 and Liberty racing in the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne has been completed.

The weather finally warmed up but produced a strong northerly wind which saw races for earlier fleets held shore. The Liberties and SKUD's headed out to the course at their scheduled time, with winds gusting around 27 knots. By the end of the racing, in a typical Melbourne weather pattern, the wind had dropped away to nothing, leaving several other fleets unable to complete their medal races.

The results for the Liberty and SKUD18 fleets were not really in doubt, with Stewart Cathie (AUS) holding a commanding lead going into the final day's two Liberty races. Stewart again won the day's two races, giving him an impressive scorecard of 8 wins from the 10 races in a variety of conditions.

Western Australia's Genevieve Wickham sailed consistently across the week to take second place by 4 points from NSW sailor, Lachlan Clear. 

Full results for the Liberty field are available here.

Similarly in the SKUD18 fleet, AUS pair Dan Fitzgibbon & Liesl Tesch dominated the fleet and, like Stewart, picked up the day's final two races, to convincingly win the regatta. NZL Paralympic hopefuls Dempsey and Fletcher won on a countback from another AUS team - Barnbrook and Pearce, after the Aussie pair retired after finishing race 9. The SIN team of Tan & Lim, long-time supporters of the Sail Melbourne regatta, finished in 4th.

Full results for the SKUD18 fleet are available here.

Canadian sailor, Tracy Schmitt, sailing in her first SKUD18 regatta, was a featured story on the Sail Melbourne website - you can read the story here.

This year's Sail Melbourne regatta has seen sailors in the Liberty & SKUD18 from Australia, Canada, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Sailing World Cup for the Paralympic Classes at Sail Melbourne 2015 will be held at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria in Williamstown in December following the 2015 IFDS Disabled Sailing World Championships in late November.  The Liberties will most likely sail at Sandringham Yacht Club with the Olympic and Invited Classes.


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ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

ISAF Sailing World Cup - Sail Melbourne 2014

2016 Hansa Class Worlds to be held in Medemblik - NED

David Staley, Monday, 24 November 2014

The International Hansa Class Association has announced that the 2016 Hansa Class Combined World & International Championships will be held in the Netherlands.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the National Hansa Class Associations referred the decision to its new IHCA Committee where there was strong support for the Medemblik venue.

“The regatta centre at Medemblik is used each year to host large World and European Championships and the annual Delta-Lloyd Regatta.  The facilities are outstanding and offers a tremendous venue for our next Worlds”, said IHCA President Brendan Tourelle.

“We were pleased to receive a very detailed proposal from The Netherlands where activity in the Hansa classes has been developing strongly”, he said.

The event is planned for early June, following closely after the Delta Lloyd regatta, which would provide back to back world class events for the SKUD 18 sailors – especially those preparing for Rio 2016.

The event will include the following competitions:

  • Hansa 2.3 World Championship (single person)
  • Hansa 303 World Championship (two person)
  • Hansa 303 International Championship (single person)
  • Liberty World Championship (single person)
  • SKUD 18 International Championship (two person)

The 2016 Worlds will provide a full week of great sailing on a venue well known by sailors all over the world.  In the organiser’s vision, sailors will bring their family and friends to combine their passion of sailing with a visit to the cultural and recreational venues of the Netherlands, Amsterdam and the beautiful city of Medemblik.

Since the opening of the International Sailing Centre Medemblik in 1999, between 10 and 25 sailing events are organised each year. The venue has hosted World Championships for the Contender, J-22, Star, Mumm 30, X-99, International Cadet, H-Boat, Flying Dutchman, Dragon and Windsurfing classes along with numerous European Championships, the annual regatta for Olympic & Paralympic classes and a range of other high quality events. As a result, race and event management in Medemblik is of a truly world class standard.

The historic Dutch town of Medemblik, with its characteristic old buildings and relaxed character, is an ideal host town for sailing events.  It is only a 30 minute drive to Medemblik to Amsterdam and the Schiphol International Airport.

In 1999, the Medemblik town, together with the Royal Netherlands Watersports Association (Watersportverbond), built the International Sailing Centre.  Within the facility are shops, offices, a restaurant and pub, jury rooms, results centre, communication centre (with internet and phone lines), press centre, large accessible rest rooms with showers, and a storage area.

The ISC also features 200 metres of accessible floating jetties, easy to operate crane, a large boat park and ample parking space.  This unique venue is the home of the famous EuroSAF Delta Lloyd Regatta with over 600 competitors every year and up to 6 race areas.

The Ijsselmeer makes Medemblik the capital of sailing in the Netherlands.  A huge inland fresh water lake of approximately 2500 km2 with no current and a depth of 4m.  It is a superb wide open water to sail on, without obstacles and with steady winds.  The racing area for the Hansa Class Worlds 2016 will be within a 10 -15 minutes sail.

There is a variety of accommodation types near to the event venue – camping, bungalow parks, comfortable houses and the luxurious Hotel Medemblik.

During the 2016 Worlds, it will be late spring in the Netherlands. This means an average daytime temperature of 20Ëš Celsius, a 20% chance of rain and an average wind velocity of 12-16 knots.

Charter boats will be made available for entries from outside the continent.  Within Europe and the UK, sailors are encouraged to bring their own boats.

By hosting this event, Hansa Klasse Nederland is hoping to motivate a lot of Dutch recreational sailors to develop their racing skills in 2014 and 2015 so they can be very competitive in the 2016 Worlds.  They have assigned 3 training locations at clubs in Holland where sailors can improve their skills throughout the year. 


International Sailing Centre Medemblik

International Sailing Centre Medemblik

International Sailing Centre Medemblik - images from 2010 IFDS Worlds

International Sailing Centre Medemblik - images from 2010 IFDS Worlds

International Sailing Centre Medemblik - images from 2010 IFDS Worlds

International Sailing Centre Medemblik - images from 2010 IFDS Worlds

International Sailing Centre Medemblik - images from 2010 IFDS Worlds


David Staley, Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the International Hansa Class Association was held via email exchange between October 10 and October 24.

All thirteen National Hansa Class Associations (NHCAs) participated.

After a round of nominations for the election process, all committee positions were uncontested and nominees were elected unopposed. 

The 2014-15 IHCA Committee is:

IHCA President Brendan Tourelle - NZL

IHCA Vice President Rules & Measurement Bob Schahinger - AUS

IHCA Vice President Championships Bernard Porte – FRA

IHCA Vice President Development – Akko van der Veen - NED

Hansa 2.3 Representative Lindsay Burns - GBR

Hansa 303 Representative Zoltan Pegan – HUN

Liberty Representative Hanneke Deenen – NED

SKUD 18 Representative Tim Dempsey – NZL

IHCA General Committee Vera Voorbach – NED

IHCA General Committee John Figgures – GBR

IHCA General Committee Richard Smallwood – GBR

IHCA General Committee Kazuaki Kaido – JPN

IHCA Treasurer Jackie Kay - AUS

IHCA Secretary David Staley - AUS

Dates for 2015 National Championships were sought from NHCAs.  Some dates were provided but request the remaining NHCAs can advise the dates and venues for their 2015 National Championships ASAP to enable the Future Events Calendar to be updated.

The 2015 European Championships are being held from 6 - 11 July 2015 at Rutland Sailing Club, GBR, and this is shaping up as a great event.  The IHCA is seeking proposals for the 2015 North American and Asia-Pacific championships.

SKUD 18 International Championships will be included in the 2015 Regional Championships and 2016 Worlds.  SKUD fleets are also included in rounds of the ISAF Sailing World Cup and EUROSAF Champions Trophy Series.  

Two Expressions of Interest were received to host the 2016 Combined Championships – Gargnano, Italy and Medemblik, Netherlands.  While most nations indicated their preference for Medemblik, the meeting referred the decision to the new IHCA Committee.  The IHCA Committee will also review the proposed changes to the IHCA Championships Guide and implement the necessary changes. 

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2015 European Hansa Class Championships - GBR

David Staley, Friday, 5 September 2014

The UK Hansa Class, in conjunction with the Rutland Sailing Club (UK) and Rutland Sailability, are organising the 2015 European Hansa Class Championships.  They are now seeking expressions of interest from sailors who may wish to compete.

The championship will be held at Rutland Sailing Club, Edith Weston, Rutland, UK.  Many of you will remember that this was  the venue for the very successful Access Class World Championships in 2010.

Downoad the Expression of Interest form below.

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Rutland Sailing Club - host to the 2010 Access Worlds

Liberties at the 2010 Access Worlds

Pre-race in the rigging area - Access 2010 Worlds

SKUD 18s add some colour to an overcast day in Rutland

Start of the Liberty practice race - Chris Cook (AUS) led start to finish

A busy Rutland Sailing Club dock ahead of the practice race

303 two-person start for the practice race

2.3s get away for the practice race on Rutland Water